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ISCM Virtual Leadership program
Resolve – Resilience – Return - Reimagine: Supply Chain Thinking for a Post-COVID-19 World
A series of 8 sessions leading you through the process of restructuring your supply chains
Second Batch Launch Date: 26th September 2020
Uncertainty is the biggest enemy of traditional efficiency focused supply chains. Supply chains has been planned on the basis of deterministic models. This Pandemic has exposed this linear thinking. In this program the participants will develop an understanding of how traditional efficiency focused thinking has led to the unhappy outcomes currently being experienced by both business and society due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Building on this understanding, participants will be led through a process for restarting their supply chains and re-engaging customers. The focus will be moving towards resilience based supply chains from deterministic ones. 
Who is it for:
Supply Chain Professionals
Logistics & Customer Service Professionals
Consulting Professionals
Procurement Professionals
Finance Professionals
Operations Professionals
Demand Planning Professionals
Supply Planning Professionals
Program duration: 
Eight, 90-minute, weekly sessions Wednesday and Saturday,  beginning 19 Sep. (6 - 7:30 pm IST)
The pedagogy includes Interactive virtual classroom, case study,Scenario building, Peer to peer discussion and group work
All who complete the program willbe a Certified Supply Chain Leader.
Learning Outcome
The focus is on building a resilient and competitive supply chain. Starting from a new thinking about suppliers and strategic procurement, Risk assessment and risk mapping, demand planning, last mile delivery, distribution planning, managing the factory of tomorrow, digitalization and connected planning and the new Integrated business planning. Participants will be challenged to consider what changes will be needed and a framework will be discussed for the gradual restarting of operations and for re-imagining and building resilient supply chains. 
The program will build the future practices required to deal with black swan events as well as political turmoil, environment challenges, natural disasters. Each session’s learning outcomes, valuable for the particular topic covered in the session, will increase in value as subsequent sessions build on the knowledge and skills built in prior sessions. On completing the eight sessions participants will have learned how to plan for a future that is unlike the past, what the costs of such a future might be, and how to make informed decisions on the best way to address the uncertainties that might present themselves.
Course Outline
This program consists of four modules, spanning eight 90-minute sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of rebooting your supply chains. Starting with an assessment of the current state – the “Resolve” phase and going through to the final step “Re-imagine” Phase– creating a whole new strategy for the organization.
The course will cover
Understanding what happened and why
Creating resilience in our supply chains
The challenges and frameworks as we restart our operations
Rethinking the future
Planning for the future

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