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Certified Demand Planning and Forecasting Professional (CDPFP) 

Launch Date: 14th August 2020

Join India’s only homegrown certification in planning & Forecasting - A unique capability building certification upgraded with AI, Machine Learning, Analytics & scenario-building

For years, firms have been using demand planning and forecasting as an integral part of their growth strategy. A good forecast requires trained professionals. Firms rely on peer to peer learning –with the older team member’s hand holding new entrants. There is a dire need for a structured program in demand planning and forecasting –covering the theory, methodology, and processes.

ISCM offers you an opportunity to gain the CDPFP certification. You can engage with our faculty and complete the program. This is a Skill Based Demand Planning Certification.

Our Differentiators

  • • The only course that introduces you to multiple approaches – DDMRP, S&OP, IBP and Connected Planning to build multiple views.
  • • Integrating multiple methodologies and approaches – Causal, Judgmental, Time Series and Probabilistic and provides a framework on how to choose.
  • • The Only Course that helps you to evaluate the right method for your Industry and Company
  • • Taught by leading academicians and industry experts
  • • Immersive learning integrating case studies and assignments
  • • India’s only home grown certification 

Learning Objectives

The CDPFP will provide you with you the ability to navigate through both the technical and analytical aspects of the profession. With CDPFP, you will be able:

  • • To understand how the demand planning process should function
  • • How to develop an effective and realistic baseline forecast that drives better planning
  • • What are the different approaches to demand forecasting and their evaluation.
  • • Understanding S&OP Process
  • • Role of demand planner in an organization

Who Should Participate

CDPFP is beneficial for:

 ♦ New Demand Planners and forecasters ♦ Experienced Demand Planers looking to upgrade their skills ♦ Those who wish to shift into a demand planning role ♦ Head of Sales ♦ Product Managers  ♦ Marketing Managers ♦ Corporate Planners ♦ Market Researchers  ♦ Analytics Professionals

Certificate Requirements

To obtain the CDPFP certification you should successfully complete classroom sessions, submit all assignments on time, and pass an examination at the end of the program.

The CDPFP course covers the following core moduled:

  • • Introduction to Integrated Demand Planning & Forecasting
  • • Critical pillars of demand planning and forecasting
  • • Identifying the gaps in demand planning and forecasting
  • • Root cause analysis and predictive modelling.
  • • Forecasting Models and their evaluation.
  • • Measuring Forecast Performance
  • • A framework for understanding Uncertainty through scenario planning
  • • Machine learning, AI and Analytics for Demand Planning
  • • Demand Planning: Various Approaches
    • • Sales and Operations Planning
    • • Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)
    • • Introduction to Integrated Business Planning
  • • Evaluation of integrated planning systems
  • • Role of demand planner in an organization


Conceptual online lectures, analytical Case Studies, peer to peer discussions. The mentors will discuss Industry Case Studies by different organizations.


Classes will be in every Saturday for 2 hours and in 2 Months.

Course Material

ISCM will provide comprehensive reading material for each module. In addition, for distance education candidates, ISCM will offer e-mail and skype based mentoring.

Graduates with three years’ work experience in Demand Planning and forecasting.

Evaluation and Certification

ISCM follows a continuous assessment process which includes MCQ, case analysis, assignments and numerical problems. Candidates have to complete the case analysis, assignments, and worksheets and submit it to ISCM as a part of their evaluation.

ISCM can offer CDPFP as an In-House program for organizations who wish to develop their demand planning and forecasting teams. Ideally, ISCM would look at a team size of 10 for the program. Fee structure for such In-House programs can be mutually decided.

For further details please contact:

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