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ISCM Virtual Classrooms:
Certified Supply Chain Leader                                  

Challenge your Thinking, Sharpen your Judgment, and Shape your strategy

A comprehensive capability development program that builds all dimensions of supply chain leadership excellence – strategic thinking, Tactical superiority, Operational capability, and business competence 

The Institute of Supply Chain Management offers a program for senior Logistics and supply chain professionals to gain strategic insights to shape supply chains. CSCL is a comprehensive capability development program that builds all dimensions of supply chain leadership excellence –strategic thinking, tactical superiority, operational capability, and business competence.

The program will be anchored by a set of international faculty, who have years of consulting and research expertise.


The program is for those who have reached the senior management level of their companies. ISCM will offer 15 hours of virtual classroom. To keep the learning momentum on, there will be case analysis and assignments in the interim


  • • The program will help business leaders:
  • • Identify top business levers 
  • • Develop strategic insights on logistics and supply chains
  • • Develop Critical Judgment skills for your sector 
  • • Master broader business leadership context
  • • Enhance thought leadership and innovative thinking capabilities
  • • Understand technology convergence and its impact on supply chain

The Program

The world around us is changing. The thought process of yesterday cannot assure success in these VUCA times. CSCL will challenge your assumptions, tax your understanding, and deconstruct the supply chains of today, before re-constructing the thought process of tomorrow. An expert pool of faculty will guide you through:

  • • Understanding the Geo-political and macro-economic trends driving logistics and supply chain globally.
  • • Logistics and Supply Chain as a Strategy –Integrating Warehousing, transportation, and virtual network optimization to drive Value, Alignment, and Sustainability for Operational Excellence.
  • • Managing Technology Disruptions & Reshaping Supply Chains for Digital World –Using technology, connected planning and IBP to ensure process alignment
  • • Supply Chain Risk Management -  using strategy maps to create resilience, Formulating and Implementing Strategic Frameworks -Strategy Map for your firm
  • • Understanding Supply Chain Profitability, Total Supply Chain Cost, Total Logistics Cost, and strategic profitability

Profile of Core Faculty Pool at ISCM

Dr. Rakesh Singh is the Chairman and Dean of ISCM Demand Planning Academy, Mumbai. He has taught at some of the best business schools in India, Dubai, and Europe. 

Girish V S – Director ISCM, Girish teaches supply chain profitability, risk management and spend analytics at ISCM

Dr. Rakesh Sinha -CEO, Reflexive Supply Chain Solutions. Former Global Head -Supply Chain, Manufacturing & IT at Godrej Consumer Products Limited.

Dr. Rahul Altekar -is currently the Director—Supply Chain Solutions at SAP. Prior to this, he was Director Strategic Services at JDA Software and a Visiting Faculty at NITIE. He has authored three books in Supply Chain Management.

Shashank Raodeo -Sr. GM Supply Chain, M&M, Expertise in Strategic Sourcing, Spend Analysis, Inflation Model, Reverse Auctions, Cost Reduction, Inventory Management, Plant Operations, Warehousing, Sales and Operations Planning, Logistics, Quality (Logistics).

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