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A comprehensive capability development program that builds all dimensions of supply chain leadership excellence – strategic thinking, Tactical excellence, Operational capability, and business competence In Association with Gattorna Alignment

Supply Chain is evolving very fast – technology, globalization, and changing aspirations of the consumer has created huge pressures on the supply chains to elevate their service standards. When both macro-economic scenario and end consumer expectations are changing, top supply chain professional need to re-orient their business models to this changing reality.

The Institute of Supply Chain Management offers a four day program for senior Logistics and supply chain professionals to address these concerns. SCLP is a comprehensive capability development program that builds all dimensions of supply chain leadership excellence – strategic thinking, tactical superiority, operational capability, and business competence.

The program will be anchored by a set of international faculty, who have years of consulting and research expertise.


The program is for those who have reached the senior management cohort of their companies – and are now looking at taking the next step in their business, or want to figure out the innovations that will add value to the services they provide. SCLP is a:

  1. Four-day leadership development program, held offsite.
  2. Delivered using a blended learning experience (i.e., case studies, experiential, peer to peer, lectures, team activities, etc.).


The program will help business leaders:

  1. Identify top business levers
  2. Develop strategic insights on logistics and supply chains
  3. Develop Critical Judgment skills for your sector
  4. Master broader business leadership context
  5. Enhance thought leadership and innovative thinking capabilities
  6. Understand technology convergence and its impact on supply chain

The Program

The world around us is changing. The thought process of yesterday cannot assure success in these VUCA times. Over four intense days, SCLP will challenge your assumptions, tax your understanding, and deconstruct the supply chains of today, before re-constructing the thought process of tomorrow. An expert pool of faculty will guide you through:

1. The Changing Business landscape – Understanding the Geo-political and macro-economic trends driving business globally.

a. Deciphering Global Trade Patterns and its impact on supply chains

b. Changing Trade Lane Ecosystem - Belt & Road, Indo - ASEAN Connectivity and more

c. Geo-Political Developments, Rise of Neo-Conservatism and impact on supply chains

d. Macro-Economic trends and their impact on business strategy

e. Emerging Paradigms in Manufacturing

2. Logistics and Supply Chain as a Strategy

a. New Directions in Logistics – Rise of Consumer Centricity

b. Formulating Logistics & Supply Chain Strategy

c. Supply Chain & Logistics Performance Management & Benchmarking

d. Is your Supply Chain doing the right things

e. Globalizing Supply Chain & Logistics

f. Total Supply Chain Cost and Profitability

3. Managing Technology Disruptions & Reshaping Supply Chains for Digital World

a. Capturing value from IT

b. Digital Transformation – Its impact on supply chain & Logistics processes

c. Go Digital and Be Digital

d. Moving from Big data to Fast Data – Managing Data outside the Organization

e. Supply Chain Analytics – getting the Business Case Right

f. Foundation of the New Supply Chain - IoT, Blockchain and Smart Contract

g. Using data to derive insights into supply chains

4. Formulating and Implementing Strategic Frameworks - Strategy Map for your firm

a. Perspectives, Approaches and Trends in Strategy Maps

b. Understanding Strategic Fit

c. Measuring and Managing Strategy

d. Value Creating Processes

e. Customizing your strategy map to your strategy

f. Balance Scorecards to Blue Ocean – Some Thoughts

5. Transformational leadership for Logistics and Supply Chain Industry

a. Managing Supply Chains & Logistics in Turbulent Times

b. Evolution Vs Transformation

c. Dynamics of Transformation

d. Rocking the Boat- Innovations in Supply Chain

e. Creating a Framework for Transformation

f. Transformational Leadership and Performance Improvement

g. Why leaders lose their way

6. Driving Value, Alignment and Sustainability for Operational Excellence

a. Alignment – Creating Economic Value

b. Moving from Supply to Demand Chain Management

c. From Agile to Dynamic –Creating an Outside-In Supply Chain

d. Managing Alignment Process – harmonizing all stakeholders

e. Total Strategic Alignment – How Aligned is your firm?

f. What is the right supply chain for your product

The Fee

Fee for the program is Rs. Eighty Five Thousand only per participant (Rs. 85,000/= per participant). Plus 18% GST.

In addition, there will a charge for the rooms: Single Occupancy for four days @ Rs. 25,000/- Plus 18% GST and Twin Sharing basis @ 15000/- Plus 18% GST for per person.

The program fee covers tuition and course material; and the room covers stay and food. It does not include travel and other incidentals. Participants will have to manage their travel directly.

Profile of Core Faculty Pool

Dr. Rakesh Singh

Dr. Rakesh Singh is the chairman of Institute of Supply Chain Management. Prior to this, he was director at IMT Dubai, DSIMS Mumbai, and Founding Dean of NMIMS School of Economics. He is a gold medalist in MA Economics from University of Mumbai and PhD in Supply Chain Management. He Teaches at Athens University of Economics and Business, INSEAD, and IIM Kolkata. His Research is in the area of Supply chain Management and he is widely published both internationally and nationally. He has been on various committee of Government of India. He has conducted training programs in supply chain for corporates like Nivea, Dachser, Murugappa group, L&T, Syngenta, Rallis, Fiat, Mahindra Automotive, Dabur, and John Deere Tractors. His Masterclasses on demand forecasting and supply chain strategy are very popular.

Girish V S

Girish is the executive director at ISCM and Editor of Supply Chain Management Professional – a B2B media offering for the SCM community. He teaches Supply Chain Risk Management and Supply Chain Finance at ISCM. Girish has more than twenty five years of domestic and international professional experience, including 12 years in servicing the banking and financial services sector. He has extensive domain knowledge in Enterprise Risk Management, Supply Chain Finance, and Supply Chain Risk Management. He has conducted training programs at L&T, FIAT, Infosys, Mahindra & Mahindra, Bristlecone, KEVA, ACG, TORM Shipping, Celebi, FIMMDA etc.

Arun Nabar

Arun Nabar is the founder of Spectra Interventions. Arun has facilitated workshops for organization development and fostering change by enabling individuals and groups to work with processes, both manifest and subtle. Arun is a certified user of instruments - FIRO-B -Fundamental Interpersonal Relations orientation - Behavior CPI 260 -California Psychological Inventory, EQ - i 2.0 and EQ 360 - Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Antony Paulraj

Dr. Paulraj holds the Chair in Operations and Supply Chain Management, Alliance Manchester Business School. Prior to this Dr. Paulraj was the Globalization Professor in Supply Chain Management at University of Southern Denmark. Dr. Paulraj is well-known for his research on procurement and supply management related matters. Dr. Paulraj has extensively published in international journals like Journal of Operations Management. Dr. Paulraj has a PhD from Cleveland State University.

Rahul Altekar

Dr. Altekar is currently Advisor to AurionPro – an IT solutions provider. Prior to this, he was Director Strategic Services at JDA Software, and a Visiting Faculty at NITIE. He has authored three titles – Supply Chain Management: Concepts and Cases; Enterprisewide Resource Planning: Theory and Practice (Prentice-Hall of India), and Production Management (Jaico Publishing House). He has done his Fellowship in Supply Chain Optimization (equivalent to PhD) from NITIE.

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