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ISCM announces the 4th SCMPro Demand Planning and Forecasting Award 2018. Institute of Supply Chain Management along with SCMPro is organizing The Demand Planning and Forecasting Forum - at Mumbai on the 16th June 2018 at Orchid Hotel. Over the past four years, Demand Planning Forum has recognized the best demand planning and forecasting function in Indian companies,  and shared best practices adopted by both individuals and companies.

Demand planning is not an easy task – especially as India is coming out of four years of slow growth. The markets have become more volatile and customers buying behaviour is in a flux. As a supply chain professional, delivering an accurate forecast while every department is throwing different figures at you is even worse. Getting the forecast 100% correct is impossible – 70% acceptable. To complicate matters, some prefer to go the replenishment route. And others swear by the Theory of Constraints model. So how can we, as supply chain professionals, ensure our figures are as close to the mark as possible, no matter what the scenario?  

To help nurture a scientific forecasting process, and to help disseminate the best practices within and across sectors, ISCM floated a Demand Planning Academy. The aims of the academy are to help the demand planning community find its voice.

Demand Planning Forum hopes to celebrate the demand planning and forecasting function in Indian companies, by recognizing and sharing the best practices adopted by both individuals and companies. ISCM will invite top companies to share with it the demand planning process, in a structured questionnaire. These questionnaires will be evaluated by an international jury.

About the Awards

The Demand Planning and Forecasting awards is an effort to recognize the best practices that Indian firms have adopted in this function. DPFF Awards 2018 aims to celebrate the successes of Indian firms in demand planning and forecasting, and in the process reward their strategy, performance, and goals. It also aims to inspire comprehensive exchange of ideas and best practices in India and to identify models for excellence.

The DPFF Awards 2018 will be a defining moment in the Indian industrial sector – recognizing the real achievements of the demand planning & forecasting function and Sales & Operations Planning. Read More about the DPFF Awards

Who should Participate?

The Forum is open to product managers, marketing managers, business managers, corporate planners, market researchers, utility forecasters or any professional who prepares or analyses forecasts as part of their job responsibilities.

All corporates who have a formal demand planning and forecasting function are encouraged to participate under the corporate platform.

Why the Awards

It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future. While there's no magic formula for forecasting, there are several steps that companies can take to mitigate uncertainty and improve their demand planning capabilities. ISCM DPFF Awards seek to acknowledge organizations for successful demonstration of their commitment to excellence in all aspects of their operations, provide a platform to showcase innovative business practices and create an avenue for benchmarking their achievements against their peers. This is an opportunity to promote maturity in business practices through a healthy competition among industry peers. 

Why Nominate

The DPFF Awards 2018 is a non-monetary award. The First place award winners and runners-ups will receive:

Encourage and motivate adoption of best practices in Demand Planning and forecasting

Become role models for others to emulate.

Encourage employees to excel in demand planning and forecasting

Create strategies for improvement in forecasting standards.

Recognize outstanding contribution to Demand Planning and Forecasting.

Nomination Guidelines: 

  1. The nomination forms and relevant documents are being put together by us and will be mailed to the firms in the DPFF Sector. The nomination is open to all companies operating in India. Even if you have not received an invite, please do reach out to us and we will send you the nominations forms. 
  2. Each nomination has a processing Rs. 30,000/- plus 18% GST for corporate application primarily to meet the expenses of the jury meet. 
  3. The nomination fee of Rs. 20,000/-  plus 18% GST for an individual application (For Category Best Demand Planning & Forecasting Professional).
  4. A firm can apply in multiple categories, by paying the requisite fees. Please use a separate form for each award category, if you are applying under more than one category. You can file your nominations by sending your email to us on info@iscmindia.net.
  5. Self-nominations are accepted.
  6. Nomination forms and materials submitted will NOT be returned. Nomination information will be verified and excerpts may be used for pre-event publicity purposes.
  7. Nomination is open to all organizations in the enterprise business.
  8. Nominations submitted in multiple categories should address the specific category by ticking multiple categories in the nomination form.
  9. The decisions of the Organizing Committee and Jury Panel are final. By nominating or accepting a nomination, the organization agrees to abide by the decision of the Organizing Committee and Jury Panel.


The sanctity of any award rests on two factors – the knowledge partner who vets the process and ensures that it is fair and free from any bias and the jury who select the winners. To ensure the award process matches up with the best practices across the world and to ensure that we reward the right firms, SCMPro has the services of the Institute of Supply Chain Management – a Mumbai based premier supply chain education, research and consulting organization.

The prestige of the award rests on the independence and integrity of the honourable members of the jury who decide the awards. We at SCMPro firmly believe that the best way to conduct a jury meet is to provide complete autonomy to the members of the jury. In fact, your nominations will not be accessible to us – they will be evaluated by the jury. We will only provide the background support to the jury. The honourable members of the jury are:

  1. Dr. John Gattorna - Executive Chairman of a Sydney-based specialist advisory business, Gattorna Alignment Pty Ltd, and one of the most respected supply chain ‘thought leaders’ in the world.
  2. Dr. Ioannou Georgis - Professor of Production & Operations Management at the Athens University of Economics and Business. He is the Director of the MBA International Program, and Head of the Operations & ERP Systems Center within the Management Science Laboratory.
  3. Dr. loannis N. Lagoudis - Assistant Professor, specializing in transportation logistics and supply chain management, Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation and Director of Applied Research, Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation.
  4. Dr. Satish Ailawadi – Director, Institute of Management Technology, IMT-Hyderabad Campus.
  5. Girish V S – Editor SCMPro.

Participation Process

DPFF will recognize the demand planning and forecasting function in Indian corporate. Any Indian firm can apply for the Demand Planning and Supply Chain recognition

  • SUBMISSION: ISCM will forward the entries it receives for jury deliberations.
  • SHORT-LISTING: The five best in class forecasting processes for each sector and the top five individual nominations may will be invited to present their case.
  • FINAL JUDGING: The Best two processes in each sector will be honoured with the “ISCM Demand Planning and Forecasting Firm of the year” award.
  • AWARD CEREMONY: The Award Felicitation will happen on the 16th June, 2018 at The Orchid, Mumbai.

How to Participate

Welcome to the second step in your nomination process. Please read the following instructions carefully before you start filling up the forms.

  1. To start the process, please register your interest in participating by sending us a mail expressing your interest. We will send you a structured questionnaire.
  2. Please familiarize yourself with the award categories, the nomination process and the award process before you start.
  3. You can apply under multiple categories - there is no limitation.
  4. You can also send your work/data in form of videos, pictures and so on.


ISCM wishes to celebrate the achievements of the Demand Planning and Forecasting Function in 8 award categories. Organizations are welcome to apply under as many categories as they wish.

Please download the nomination form by click on the following categories. The form has two parts – part I covers the demographic information and Part II the data about the demand planning and forecasting function.

  1. Best Demand Planning and Forecasting Practice
  2. Best Demand Planning and Forecasting Professional (For an Individual)
  3. Best New Product Forecasting Practice
  4. Best Sales and Operations Planning Practice
  5. Best use of Analytics in Demand Planning and Forecasting
  6. Best Demand Planning and Forecasting Solution Provider
  7. Best Demand Planning among LSPs
  8. Innovative use of Performance Measurement

Please fill in the necessary details and mail them to us along with the necessary attachments. You can either e-mail it to us at info@iscmindia.net or snail mail it to our office address at:

Institute of Supply Chain and Management Pvt. Ltd

D 204, Riddhi Siddhi Complex, Prem Nagar,

Near BMC School, Off S. V. Road, Goregaon (West),

Mumbai - 400062, Ph.:022 28742227/7808/6757

Just one important note – our jury will rely on your disclosure to decide the prize. If you are not sure about an enclosure, we suggest you include it – information overload is better than lack of information.

Nomination Fee : Rs. 30000.00 + 18% GST for corporate application and Rs. 20,000.00 + 18% GST for an individual application