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Fourth SCMPro Warehouse Compendium

Release Date: 17th March 2018

SCMPro is launching the Fourth edition of it Warehousing Compendium – a collection of thought leadership articles by some of the best in the Warehousing sector in India. The Warehousing Compendium 2018 by SCMPro is a resourceful informative handbook with well researched articles on various aspects of warehousing and inventory management. Experts from the Industry will be contributing to the compendium.

With high referral value and long shelf life the ‘Warehouse Compendium’ is a must have reference handbook for the stake holders of the logistic & supply chain industry.

The Compendium will be reaching 5000 decision makers and potential warehouse users and investors. We would like to have your esteemed participation in this compendium in the form of an advertisement.

Publication: “Warehouse Compendium 2018”
Format: Coffee table Book
Circulation: 5000 Warehouse CEOs, SCM Heads and Warehouse Investors
Release date: 17, March 2018
Venue: Hotel 'The Orchid' Mumbai

For more information – please send a mail to info@iscmindia.net Select issues in the compendium:

  • The Warehousing Scenario in India
  • Role of the warehouse in the supply chain
  • Elements of warehousing strategy
  • New warehouse technologies
  • Warehouse management issues
  • Warehouse planning
  • Warehouse cost management
  • Performance management and improvement
  • The Challenge of Warehousing
  • Distribution Network Systems
  • Personnel Planning
  • Achieving Warehousing Excellence
  • Cold Chains
  • Agri Commodity Warehouses
  • Warehouse regulations
  • Lean Technologies in Warehouse
  • Managing Complexity Across India
  • Warehouse risk management
  • Scaling up Productivity in Warehouses
  • Future-proof Sustainable Partnership for Today and Tomorrow

The warehouse Compendium has become a collector’s item with professionals still having all the issues in their office. We invite you to advertise with us in the Warehouse Compendium. The one year shelf life of the Compendium offers you an attractive ROI for your ad spend.

The Warehouse Compendium 2018 will be released on 17th March at the Warehouse Summit, where 60 plus senior warehouse professionals will be presented a complimentary copy.

To advertise in the compendium, please contact:

Subankar Chakraborty - subankar@iscmindia.net, 9820519922

Sanjay Athavale - sanjay.athavale@iscmindia.net , 9821522968

Jesal Tanna - jesal.tanna@iscmindia.net, 8369646846