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SCMPro Logistics & Supply Chain Awards 2018

The Award You Cannot Miss

SCMPro, is launching the fourth SCMPro Logistics and Supply Chain Awards. The series of awards seeks to honour companies and individuals who are shaping the future of Logistics and supply chains in India. 

The SCMPro awards are decided by a jury of eminent international academicians and experts, and reflects an un-biased opinion on the capabilities of the nominees.

SCMPro will present these awards during the 4th Asian Supply Chain Thought Leadership Summit on 15th December 2018 at Mumbai. Over two hundred CEOs and CXOs will be attending the awards function to cheer you on.

Award categories:

Excellence in Supply Chain Management

  1. Supply Chain Company of the Year
  2. Best use of Supply Chain Analytics
  3. Best Distribution Practices - Inbound in Supply Chain in a Company
  4. Best Distribution Practices - Outbound in Supply Chain in a Company
  5. Innovative Inventory Planning in a Company
  6. Productivity Improvement through Supply Chain
  7. Best Supply Chain Company to work with.
  8. Supply Chain Excellence in Cross Functional Collaboration
  9. Best Supply Chain Visibility  
  10. Best Customer Care and Support

Corporate Outperformance

  1. Best Supply Chain Risk Management Process
  2. Highest Standards in Supply Chain Safety
  3. Best Supply Chain Talent Development firm
  4. Sustainability in SCM
  5. Excellence in End to End Supply Chain Planning
  6. Outstanding Supply Chain Strategy  

Technology & Innovation

  1. Best IT solution provider  in Supply Chain and Logistics
  2. Outstanding Digital Transformation in Supply Chain
  3. Outstanding Supply Chain Innovation
  4. Supply Chain Innovation in Logistics
  5. Digital Transformation & Supply Chain Excellence
  6. Innovations in Technology – Best use of IoT

Individual Outperformance

  1. Emerging Supply Chain Leader of the Year
  2. Best Women Leader in Supply Chain
  3. CSCO of the Year
  4. Supply Chain Analytics Professional
  5. Lifetime Contribution to SCM Profession

Academics & Training

  1. Best SCM Curriculum
  2. Best Supply Chain Faculty
  3. Best Research paper by faculty
  4. Best Summer Project by Students
  5. Best SCM and Logistics Skills Institution  
  6. Best Leadership Skills Development Institution

Logistics Service Provider: Business Verticals Awards

  1. Best LSP for Pharmaceuticals
  2. Best LSP for Automobile
  3. Best LSP for Cold Chain Logistics
  4. Best LSP for E-Commerce
  5. Best LSP for Retail

Corporate Awards

  1. Best CSR among LSPs
  2. Best LSP to work with
  3. Best Innovations in LSP
  4. Best Supply Chain Performance Improvement by LSP

Institutional Awards                                                        

  1. Best Express Logistics Service Provider
  2. Best Freight Forwarder  
  3. Best Re-Location Service Provider
  4. Best Contract Logistics Service Provider
  5. Best Multi-Modal Service Provider
  6. Best Project Logistics Service Provider
  7. Best Reverse Logistics Service Provider
  8. Best Humanitarian Logistics Service Provider
  9. Promise of the Future

Enabler Awards

  1. Best Material Handling Service Provider
  2. Best Consulting Services in Supply Chain
  3. Best material Handling Equipment Manufacturer
  4. Best Emerging Material Handling Company of the Year
  5. Best Innovation in Material Handling Solutions
  6. Best Automated Warehouse Storage Equipment Manufacturer
  7. Consulting Services in Warehouse Building and Design


  1. Best Use of technology among LSP
  2. Innovative SCM IT Solution Provider
  3. Best Warehouse automation Solution
  4. Innovative Technology Provider in Supply Chain
  5. Innovative Use of Robotics in Supply Chain
  6. Digital Transformation in 3PL Operations

Individual Outperformance

  1. Woman Visionary in Logistics
  2. Young Supply Chain Professional – LSP
  3. Logistics Professional of the Year
  4. Lifetime Contribution

Nomination Fee: INR 30,000/- for each nomination. Plus GST @18% 

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