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ISCM is happy and proud to launch India´s first on-line community for the Supply chain management and logistics professionals. We request you to join the ISCM on-line community today and become part of a powerful network of supply chain management professionals and opinion makers who lead and shape supply chain management. The membership benefits include leadership opportunities, professional development opportunities, and valuable contacts with peers including local networking, educational events, certification preparation and other personal and professional development opportunities.

As a member of ISCM community, you get privileged access to:

  • Thought-provoking discussions and information on topics most relevant to strategic supply chain managers.
  • Take part in professional forums, contact other professionals or related organizations, and learn about ISCM's events, educational products and services.
  • Get discounts for ISCM´s annual Supply Chain Conference - Network with your peers, examine emerging trends and challenges during comprehensive workshops.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your area of expertise and develop valuable connections from the on-line forums
  • Get discounts to the ISCM On-Line certifications, which you can take at your own pace
  • Get a free copy of the ISCM News letter which covers industry relevant developments
  • Get access to the white papers and other research material from our faculty team and other affiliated professionals.
  • Recognition - Being active in your profession turns on the spot light on you among coworkers, colleagues, customers and others you interact with every day.

Any person interested in the supply management field is welcome to join ISCM as a Regular Member - supply chain professionals, students, academicians, consultants, Government Officials involved with SCM and logistics. We value and seek diverse membership. ISCM values the efforts, knowledge and commitment of all members and encourage all to participate in the activities. A regular membership is available for a one time fee of Rs. 5000/- only. Corporate houses who wish to participate in ISCM activities are requested to kindly contact us for our corporate membership plans.

For joining ISCM Community please Click Here and Fill the form we will get back to you soon.