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ISM – Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM)

About ISM  

Institute for Supply Management (ISM) is the first (set up in 1915) and largest supply management organization in the world as well one of the most respected. Supported by more than 65,000 members and certified professionals in 70 countries, ISM's mission is to lead the supply management profession. ISM is a not-for profit institute that provides opportunities for the promotion of the profession and the expansion of professional skills and knowledge. Look to ISM to help you develop and guide your career in supply management.

ISM activities are of special interest to those involved in: Distribution, Inventory Control, Logistics, Manufacturing, Materials Management, Packaging, Product/ Service Development, Purchasing, Receiving, Strategic Sourcing, Transportation and Warehousing.

Who should choose CPSM Certification Program?

The Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) program is ideal for:

  1. Operations/supply chain professionals
  2. Professionals from Purchasing and supply management professionals and others interested in examining best practices in the supply chain.
  3. Those who want to evaluate where their organization stands in the marketplace and seek strategies for improvement.
  4. Need a set schedule to keep them on track
  5. Have the desire to learn new ideas and challenges
  6. Are interested in passing ISM certification exam.

What are the benefits?

  1. Globally recognized certification program    
  2. Sharing of practical cases to improve business process.
  3. Committed study with instructor.
  4. Paced courses: Classroom expectations and assignments provide a framework for learning the materials in a set time frame.
  5. Clarification and discussion: The classroom setting provides a forum to discuss difficult topics.
  6. Better possibility of passing the exam

Course Content:

Foundation of Supply Management

  1. Contracting & Negotiation
  2. Social Responsibility
  3. Cost & Finance
  4. Sourcing
  5. International
  6. Supplier Relationship Management

Effective Supply Management Performance

  1. Forecasting (Demand Analysis)
  2. Materials and Inventory Management
  3. Logistics
  4. Organization and Department Assessment
  5. Product & Service Development
  6. Quality
  7. Planning

Leadership in Supply Management

  1. Leadership
  2. Strategic Sourcing
  3. Risk Compliance

Program Fees:  Rs 82,000/- per participant. Fees will cover training fees (3 online sessions of 1 hour per exam) study material, exam fees for 1 attempt only, certification fees, for ISM certificate.


Three years of full-time, professional supply management experience with a regionally accredited bachelor’s degree or international equivalent


Five years of full-time, professional supply management experience without a qualified degree

Additionally, individuals who hold an active Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) certification, regardless of their degree status, may now explore the path to achieve the CPSM® as long as they can demonstrate the required years of applicable work experience.

For Further details please contact:

email: info@iscmindia.net, Tele.: 022 28742227 / 7808 / 6757